You dream it, I draw it!

Ever thought of a cool picture of you and your friends but never knew how to go about making it? Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Andrew FriendDoodle
Andrew and his wife Jenn re-enacting the library scene from Beauty and the Beast!

These are FriendDoodles: custom digital drawings of you and your friends! Or your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your mom or dad, or anyone else you like/love/admire/adore.

Basically, you have any idea for a custom cartoon drawing — we talk, you send me some pictures, I’ll draw it up on my computer, and then I’ll send you the file!

It’s as simple as that.

Then it’s yours to do as you please — post it online for friends to see; print it, frame it, gift it; put it on a thumbdrive and send it via carrier pigeon — you get the idea.

Wanna see more examples? Click HERE to see the FriendDoodles Gallery!

Have some more questions? Click HERE for the FAQ!

Dana’s anniversary gift to Scott


COLOUR FriendDoodles are $75

BLACK & WHITE FriendDoodles are $50

Please note that in order to receive the best result, I might need multiple pictures of you and your friends from different angles so that I can get your faces right. Sometimes a single picture isn’t the way someone REALLY looks!

Once I’ve received your email, I will respond within 24 hours. And hey, I might even have questions for you too 🙂

By ordering a FriendDoodle, you agree that it’s okay for me to use any images I make for future advertisement and/or portfolio work. You also agree that you will not erase my name from the work or alter it in any other way. Thank you.